Hearing & Activity Tracking

Hearing Aid Style

Hearing & Activity Tracking

The hearing aid that tracks activity and hearing health.

Product Features

  • Monitor your Activity and Engagement health using your smartphone and the Thrive Hearing app
  • Deliver superior sound quality, listening clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions
  • Boost speech sounds to help make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks
  • Preserve peace and quiet while amplifying the important things, and help you better understand conversations
  • Experience personalized power and convenience with rechargeable hearing aids (available in RIC R and BTE R styles)
  • Stream phone calls, music and messages directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids
  • Offer remote programming so your hearing care professional can make minor adjustments without an office visit

Patient Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 Stars based on 31 Reviews on Google.

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The hearing tests were performed very well and the staff was understanding with my father in law that suffers from dementia. 💜

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Beckie Cook, on Google

Todd and all his staff have been very professional and helpful since I've been involved with them. I've had hearing aids for over a year now. All of the staff answer questions quickly and they are very accommodating. I believe I made a good decision by working with this company.

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Dan Chepeska, on Google

If anyone is in need of hearing aids Dynamic Hearing is the place to go. The staff there are awesome and Todd Birgy is great and very patience with you. He is always looking for ways to help you out you will not be disappointed going there.i tell everyone i...

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Wendy Shepard, on Google

Dynamic Hearing Care is a great place to go when you need your hearing checked. The staff is friendly and helpful. I've been to other places and just felt like a number. Todd and his staff made me feel like I mattered and they truly care.

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Nicole Rogers, on Google

Highly recommended. Very professional. Nicole is the best. She knows the product line inside and out and answers any questions you may have about your hearing needs.

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Paul Conant, on Google

What can I say...I just would never go anywhere else, but Dynamic Hearing! Picky-choosey me, I investigated it all: price, service, personal attention, & follow-up and Dynamic Hearing has proven to be THE best! Any questions I have get personalized attention. Cleaning or recheck...all included in my purchase price, which...

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Cheryl Dann, on Google

I am a musician "drummer to be exact" after 45 years of playing live, Drum Corp and marching band, my high frequencies were gone. I was the husband who said WHAT all the time! After hearing a radio show on WTCM AM I went in for an exam. The exam...

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Jeff Adamick, on Google

Nicole helped me get my hearing aides and she was excellent. I had wax in my ear so she said she couldn’t perform a hearing test until they were washed out. She explained every step along the way, and was very efficient at tuning/ adjusting the aides making it a...

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Chuck Ferguson, on Google

My husband has been going to Dynamic Hearing in Traverse City for about 3 years and he thinks Nicole Rogers is the BEST. She is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, accurate, and very helpful. Sadly, we have been to other providers in the past that failed to meet the grade. Nicole, needs...

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Debbie Penney (Fetch), on Google