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Open House Event in Kalkaska!

December 13, 2022 - December 15, 2022

You're invited to our Open House Event!


Open House

Join us for our Open House event — 3 days only! A National Hearing Expert, Christopher Green, will visit and offer a FREE expert hearing consultation in our office. 

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What to expect at your hearing consultation?

During this consultation, we will look inside your ear using a tiny video camera called a Video Otoscope. This procedure is completely painless. The camera is placed just inside your ear canal. It will allow you to see all the way to your eardrum. This procedure and hearing consultation will help us understand why you may be experiencing difficulties with your hearing such as:

  • Hearing but not understanding certain words
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments
  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves
  • Having to turn the TV up loud in order to understand what is being said

Using the Video Otoscope, we will be able to determine whether your hearing difficulties are caused by simple ear wax. This exam may also reveal common problems such as:

  • Damage to the eardrum
  • Fluid accumulation in the middle ear
  • Other conditions which may make it difficult to hear clearly


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Meet Our Special Event Consultant

Christopher Green

Christopher Green is a 3rd generation Hearing Instrument Specialist. His family began working in the hearing industry in the mid 1950’s and has owned and operated one of the most successful and well known hearing aid offices in the central valley of California. Christopher is licensed in 3 states: California, Wisconsin and Texas, and has personally been in the business over 15 years. He is dedicated to treating every patient with the utmost care, attention and respect they deserve. He knows how and why to fit the best possible solutions for the patients, and will help you make a patient for life.

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