The best place to buy new hearing aids has always been and probably will always be in person from a hearing professional. Hearing-care services are almost always bundled in with the cost of hearing aids when you buy them from a hearing professional. That’s because hearing professionals know that getting used to wearing hearing aids takes time, practice and one or more adjustments to get them fine tuned to a wearer’s specific hearing needs. The services they provide are crucial to getting the most out of hearing aids.

Cheaper hearing aids typically eliminate those services — which is one reason why they’re cheaper, but also a big reason why folks who buy them are less happy and satisfied. Ironically, hearing care services are needed even more with cheaper hearing aids because they haven’t been fit as carefully or specifically as hearing aids that have been fit — in person — by a hearing professional.

There’s no disputing the fact that hearing aids are an investment no matter where you get them from. Be sure you’re satisfied with that investment by ensuring you get the services that should come with it. You will when you buy hearing aids from a hearing professional.