Todd Birgy, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Todd Birgy, Dynamic Hearing Care Systems

Todd Birgy has been providing hearing healthcare since 2009. He also serves our country through the Army Reserve. He was active duty for six years at Fort Bragg, NC and was deployed to Operation Iraq Freedom 2004-2006.  The military is something near and dear to his heart and helping our veterans hear is a driving force for his business.

"I've been proud to serve my country, and I founded Dynamic Hearing Systems so that I can serve my community by providing solutions to hearing loss," Todd says. "My goal is to help as many people as possible enjoy the freedom of communicating with those they love."

"I understand the hesitation that people experience when they notice a change in their hearing," Todd says. "I don’t want the hearing aid experience to be uncomfortable or something that is put off until it gets 'too bad.' If someone notices that you're having trouble understanding speech, it’s 'bad enough' to do something. On average, people wait seven to ten years before they do anything about a noticeable hearing loss. The truth is, hearing aids may be the solution.”

"I love what we do, and that's helping people reconnect with those they love by offering superior service and the finest American-made hearing aids available," Todd adds. "I truly understand the importance of communication and how hearing loss can affect one’s family and loved ones.”

Todd’s wife works as a Michigan State Police Officer. Together they have two young children. All of which was the reason for Todd to retire his active duty boots and join the reserve. “My wife and I try our best to help those in need and that concept is what we instill in our children.”