Now Hiring a Patient Care Coordinator in Kalkaska, MI


 General Summary of the Purpose of the Position

This position is the first point of contact either in person or on the phone with patients and vendors.  The incumbent is responsible for creating a positive first impression and providing a quality patient journey experience. This position supports the provider by performing a variety of customer service, sales, marketing, operational and administrative functions.

Approach and Deployment

1.  Ensure patient journey experience is top priority for this position.  
Acknowledge all guests that come in the office as soon as they enter.  If on phone at the time, smile, nod then collect pertinent information after.

2.  Answer phones in a timely manner
  Use professional office greeting, direct calls appropriately, take and deliver messages

3.  Convert calls to appointments
  Schedule and confirm appointments

  • Know current advertisement
  • Be able to overcome customer objections
  • Be educated on all applicable aspects of hearing profession

4.  Enter daily activity into Office Management System 
  Check patients in and out, track orders/sales, maintain daily/weekly/monthly reports

5.  Make deposits (transportation required) 
  Maintain cash box  

6.  Maintain day-to-day operational procedures according to SOP book  
  Keep office neat and clean, maintain supplies and patient files

7.  Protect patients privacy and collect insurance information
  Collect insurance information if necessary

  • Fill out insurance authorization
  • Copy both sides of insurance card
  • Report information for insurance billing

8.  Help build practice through patient contact, outreach, and outbound/inbound calls
  Support all marketing efforts

  • Patient Retention: make calls for periodic clean & check and annual exams
  • Follow up on Tested not Sold and MED referrals
  • Set future appointments before patient leaves office
  • Send thank you cards for referral and sales
  • Track results for all forms of marketing

9.  Assist with hearing device troubleshooting

10. Occasional cerumen removal assistance

11. Manage office and audiology supply orders

Results (Performance Measures)

  • Provide a quality patient journey experience in person and on the phone
  • Convert 80% calls to appointments                        
  • Battery sales
  •  Annual audit of Office Management System
  • Calls for periodic check and annual exams
  • Hands-on experience with product for new introductions

Other Duties (Non Measurable)

  • Support company guidelines
  • Support health and safety objectives
  • React to change productively and handle other essential duties as assigned
  • Support all internal staff with miscellaneous requests

Job Requirements

  • Education: High school degree preferred or equivalent work history
  • Experience: At least 3 years of receptionist/patient care experience

Skills & Abilities

  •  Knowledge of office software systems including Word and Excel
  •  Good computer skills
  • Ability to organize and multi-task between patients, phone and computer
  • Good problem solving, analytical abilities, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills required
  • Service oriented
  • Speech clarity required
  • Enjoys working with senior population
  • Friendly and patient demeanor


  • Exercise of authority or supervision over others: N/A
  • Budgetary Responsibilities: N/A
  • Confidential Information: Position has access to a variety of confidential customer data
  • External Communication: This position communicates regularly with patients, manufacturers, other vendors, and insurance companies
  • Internal Communication: This position communicates regularly with the admin, retail and sales


 Hourly, dependent upon experience

How to Apply

Please email resume and cover letter to dynamichearingcaresystems@yahoo.com to be considered for this position.  

The above declarations are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job.